Inside the Locker Room with Post-Game Brewing Co.

  1. What played the biggest role in creating the vision behind the Post-Game Brewing and your flagship beer, Locker Room Lager?


We are building a brand around the sports community, specifically beer leagues. At Post-Game Brewing, we are putting Beer in Beer Leagues. Lager Room Lager is our flagship beer with the hockey community in mind. We are creating a culture of Team, Taste and Value for our customers. We will in the future have other beers that are aligned with different sports leagues as well.


  1. How did your passion of beer and hockey help you in developing and branding a beer for hockey and hockey players?


Hockey Players and people involved in Hockey are the best people in the world! Our passion not only for the game of hockey, but for beer, has a direct impact on how we focused and brewed the Locker Room Lager. Our goal is to provide customers a refreshing experience with a great tasting beer that is easy for all to enjoy.


  1. Who is your favourite hockey team? And who was your favourite player growing up?


Well of course the Toronto Maple Leafs! I believe they have a bright future ahead and are finally are starting to put the right pieces together. Growing up, I always loved the Great One, but a close second and third was Steve Yzerman and Mario Lemieux.


  1. How do you feel your partnership with BHi and the Walter Gretzky Tournament will help your brand and promotion of Locker Room Lager?


We are thrilled about our partnership with BHI and this tournament. It is a great cause and it is a terrific opportunity to build brand awareness. BHI has been great to partner up with bringing awareness to the Ontario Lung Association, Ball Hockey and our beer, the Locker Room Lager.


  1. Tell us about the inspiration behind the taste and flavour of the Locker Room Lager?


The inspiration was simple. After the game in the Locker Room with our team, whether it was a win or loss, we were tired of the same old same old. We can all agree there is nothing better or more refreshing than an ice cold, crisp refreshing beer and that was our goal with Locker Room Lager – now we may be biased, but we believe absolutely nailed it!


  1. How would you best describe the Locker Room Lager to those who haven’t had the opportunity to try it yet?


Locker Room Lager is brewed just for you: The Sniper, the Grinder, Tommy Tough Guy, the Showstopper and the Bench Boss. Locker Room Lager is all natural with no preservatives or additives that are cold filtered, providing a crisp and clean refreshing taste.



  1. Will there be any entertainment in the Beer Garden at the Walter Gretzky tournament?


Absolutely! There will be music and games during the tournament filled with live entertainment in the afternoons and evenings. In the beer garden, we will have a Hardest Shot competitions, Ladder Ball and Cornhole. It’s going to be a wonderful place to hangout with your team, family and friends where everyone can enjoy great beer(s), ball hockey, music and hopefully some sunshine!


  1. How much will beers be at the tournament?


We will be selling 5 Beer tickets for $20.00 or 1 for $5.00. Players and fans can also get a Beer Bucket filled with 5 Beers and ice!


  1. How can we keep up-to-date with Locker Room Lager after the tournament?


The best way to stay in touch is follow us on social media. We are on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter all under the handle: @PostGameBrewing – Give us a follow and remember the hashtag: #LockerRoomLager


We’ll see you at the tournament!